Sam Smith Boatyard

Welcome to Sam Smith's Boatyard

Welcome to Sam Smith's Boatyard, the heart of Otsego Lake's nautical community since 1956. The center of a busy boating community on Otsego Lake, it is here that the whole family can enjoy the sights and sounds of a bustling marine environment in full swing. The Boatyard is a full-service marine facility, with summer and winter storage, full mechanical and maintenance services, a bait and tackle shed and a fleet of rental boats, both large and small, to take you and your family and friends on a memorable adventure on our historic Lake.

When you get here, take a look around. Not only is the Boatyard a marina, with marine facilities and rental boats, fishing poles and bait, but it's also the site of The Blue Mingo, a renowned Lakeside restaurant with a Creative Grill Cuisine that is brilliantly conceived, exquisitely prepared and elegantly presented, giving you a memorable dining experience beside our beautiful Otsego Lake, christened "The Glimmerglass" a long time ago by James Fenimore Cooper, and described so exquisitely in his Leatherstocking Tales.

And, to top it all off, Lake Classic Outfitters is also here at the Boatyard, offering you and your family unique clothing and accessories, home and garden furnishings and marine supplies. Our gift department will surprise and delight your friends back home, with casual and sporty goods that will remind you of your memorable stay in America's Most Beautiful Village.

And don't forget The Blue Mingo Inn, a stately house on the Lake next door to the Boatyard, where you can dream the dreams of the frontiersmen of Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales and hear the babbling of Leatherstocking Creek, and then waken to the brilliant sun rising on Otsego Lake.

We now work on all types of motors! 


Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Contact us: 607 - 547 - 2543

Please call the Boatyard Office ½ hour before closing time for after-hours use.

 Please call the Boatyard Office to make arrangements for any planned outing that does not conform to the published schedule.