Blue Mingo Grill

The Blue Mingo Grill

The Blue Mingo Grill and its creative grill cuisine came into its own in 1994, when its predecessor, Dot's Landing, could no longer keep up with the local mariners' demands for some good, wholesome, nourishing food that was representative of the forward-thinking Boatyard establishment. The Grill quickly became known, both locally and abroad, for its fresh, innovative menus, its savvy sophisticated clientele, and the breathtaking views -- both by day and by night, in the rain or under the sun -- of the Lake and surrounding hillsides.

The primary importance in developing a dish is to use only ingredients that are completely fresh. From local herb and vegetable gardens -- for the most part from those owned by the Moffats -- and an organic green patch on the Boatyard property, as well as from a variety of local farmers, daily fresh produce is the Mantra of the Mingo.

The dinner menu is presented on a blackboard, which enables the chef to change what he is cooking if his standards are not met by the produce of the day. The food is innovative and interesting as well as accessible and appetizing to a wide range of palates. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, The Blue Mingo welcomes the seasonal changes with seasonal, local food. And just as the days begin to lengthen, and then, alas, shorten, so does every day bring new ideas and new creations. 

We absolutely love our Blue Mingo!





Closed for the 2017 Season!


12:00 pm to 4:00 pm


5:00pm to Close

 A Bar Menu is available

from 4:00pm to Closing at the bar

Reservations are recommended for dinner.

 Lunch reservations available for parties of 6 or more.

To make a reservation, please call 607-547-7496