Notice to Boaters


The towns of Middlefield, Otsego and Springfield, and the Village of Cooperstown have enacted local ordinances establishing a 200-foot no-wake zone along the shoreline of Otsego Lake. A total of 16 buoys have been placed around the Lake to mark the zone. 


1. Blackbird Bay           

2. Brookwood Point

3. Three Mile Point

4. Four Miles North (west side)

5. Five Mile Point

6. Six Mile Point

7. Bayside

8. White Creek

9. Springfield Landing

10. Clarke Point

11. Pegg's Point

12. Four Miles North (east side)

13. Three miles north (east side)

14. Point Judith

15. Fairy Spring

16. South End


Boat speed is not to exceed 5 mph within 200 feet of the shoreline.

BUOYS: white 3' 4" tall cans with orange markings: SLOW 5MPH; blinking light at night. 


Image created by: Biological Field Station


Closed for the 2017 Season!


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